3 Methods of Coal Mining

Surface mining is used for an estimated 40% of coal production. Used machinery equipment can be used to extract coal. Extracting coal is less expensive if it’s found near the surface. Once coal is extracted, the topsoil is then replaced and native trees and vegetation is planted to restore the original condition. There are three different types of surface mining: contour, strip, and mountaintop removal mining.

1- Co...

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The History of Gold Mining in South Africa

South Africa has the largest known gold reserves in the world. Estimated to be around 40000 tons, this country cradles 40-50 % of the global gold reserves. Mining is perhaps the biggest industry of South Africa, and the nation’s economy basically depends upon it.


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Condition Based Maintenance in Mining – How Thermography Reduces Maintenance Costs

Thermographic analysis helps maintain operating equipment with what is arguably the best all-around non-destructive testing which is useful during operations without interrupting the operations themselves.

All aspects of operations, electrical, substations, overhead wiring and connectors, field pumping stations, pumps, loading facilities, dredges, barges, and other equipment, concentrators, pumps and motors all benefit from

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8 Financial Terms You Need to Know in the Mining Industry

Mining is a multimillion dollar business. It deals mostly on geological, engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, environmental, and mining terms. But because it is a business that involves lots of money, it also involves major accounting and financial processes to keep the commercial aspect of the business going.

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Welders Working In the Mining Industry

Professional welders currently looking for work will be glad to know that the mining industry offers many wonderful opportunities.

If you are interested to verify this claim, you can see for yourself by visiting official websites of mining companies. Look for the section where they offer information about vacant positions and you will see many jobs that require

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Can Gold and Silver Mining Operations Be Sustained at Current Price Levels?

Lower spot prices have stimulated massive demand for physical gold and silver. The paper prices of these metals are completely devastating the industry, and their spot prices are unlikely to remain below the cost of production for very long.

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A Note on Mining Roads

For all surface mines, construction of haul roads and mines are important. They are the lifetime of the mining as if haul trucks stop the mining stops making money. Different types of mines decided the cost of the haul road construction and cost also varies from mine to mine to in same industry. Every surface has mine and act as a lifeline for the production system. Mines are just as important as shovels and trucks for the production system and can

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